The total area of cultivated land is -
10,000 hectares
More than 150 staff in the company.
AE "SOLA" was established in August, 1999. It is located in the village of Edissiya in Kurskoy district and is one of the leading companies in Stavropol region. There are more than 150 staff in the company. The total area of cultivated land is 10,000 hectares.
The main activities of the company are:
Crop growing, Vegetable growing, Flour production, Construction and repair works, Manufacture of furniture, Food services
The company "SOLA" is a reliable partner for hundreds of organizations. We value our partners and we are proud of their high appreciation of our work. The most important principle of our company is to focus on our customers. We aim at establishing long and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, so we try to treat individually everyone who works with us.
Crop growing

Modern technologies for crop production in the fields are based on the use of wide-cut high- performance machinery. Impeccable quality of field operations, insurance of maximum energy saving and soil conservation are the main factors considered in the choice of farm machines.

All machines are equipped with trailed and mounted implements, which are able to absorb the engine power of the tractor or combine and allow to work extensively.

Also, introducing the newest technology specialists of the company yearly make plans to use fertilizers for each crop, taking into consideration the class, the hybrid, the degree of soil fertility in each field. Strictly intended use of fertilizers allows to get as much close as possible to maximum output and eliminates the overconsumption of expensive material.

Grown crops: wheat, barley, sunflower, rape, flax and peas.

Flour production

AE "SOLA" is one of the largest producers of flour in Stavropol region. Flour is made from high quality wheat grown in the company’s fields in the Kurskoy district of Stavropol region.

All products supplied by the company "SOLA" are certified and comply with the applicable state standards, and are produced with modern high technology equipment.

The company "SOLA" provides services for construction and full repairs of buildings and structures.
Manufacture of furniture
Since its establishment AE "SOLA" produces household and office furniture. Product range:
  • upholstered chairs (beech)
  • oval tables (beech)
  • office furniture
Areas of activity
Rostlinná výroba Crop growing
Výroba mouky Flour production
Výroba nábytku Manufacture of furniture
Konstrukce Construction